About Us

Live Jazz & Karaoke Every Week

Cogs Bar is one of the only unique themed bar in Birmingham. We play a unique blend of music throughout the week which also involves live performances and events on selected days of the week. Our atmospheric Victorian inspired design allows you to immerse yourself in the true Cogs experience. The music that we play at Cogs varies but we like to be unique and authentic in terms of our policy. Here are some of the genres that we usually play:

  • Electro Swing
  • Rock
  • Alternative
  •  Trap

We are very proud to be serving some of the most exclusive cocktails and draughts around. These include, Warsteiner, Kingstar, Revisionist & many more. As well as selling alcoholic beverages we also sell Lavazza Coffee, Italy’s finest blend. An example of one of our exceptional cocktails is Mechanical Peach. This drink is made with Ciroc Peach, Peach Syrup, Disaronno & Pineapple Juice.

Our events at Cogs Bar vary from live bands to the likes of Professor Elemental We try to always bring something new to Birmingham as well as creating a unique ambience. We also host Karaoke & open mic every Wednesday and on Thursdays we have Cognitive Jazz Therapy. This means we have live jazz in Birmingham every week as well as karaoke.

Cogs Bar also has 3 floors for hire, we have an illustrious VIP room, as well as a party room and the ground floor for special occasions of any sort (stag do, birthday, engagement etc.) If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us.


For Any Additional Info, Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us